Model Horses

I use my 30+ years of riding experience to make model tack and rider dolls that are just like what you would find in the real horse world.

I know the show regulations as well as today's show ring styles so that my model tack is as close as you can get to the real thing. We have had over 20 different breeds of horses in our barn as our own, as boarders, or for training. We have shown horses in side-saddle, huntseat, saddleseat, dressage, western pleasure, gymkhana and carriage driving. Our experience with western performance events, combined training, endurance and combined driving comes from boarders at our barn,  other professionals we have worked with, and events I have covered for equestrian publications.

I have been taking apart real saddles, bridles and harness for so many years that I know the construction methods used for the real thing and have effectively translated them to tack for scale model horses. 

My work has earned top awards for me at NAMHSA sanctioned shows across the northeast as well as NAN championships and reserves '97,'99 and 2001. My work has also contributed to winning entries for many of my customers.

Costumes have always been a favorite for me. We love to dress in period attire for Medieval and Renaissance Faires, and all my horses have patiently put up with dressing up for costume classes at shows. Model horses allow me to express that creativity even more. I make accurate period costumes as well as the wildest fantasies!

Since I make my own sidesaddle riding habits, as well as my own costumes and clothing, dressing rider dolls fits into the picture to complete the total look!

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