I love making costumes for my real horses, so making model costumes is naturally fun too!!

I make all types of model horse costumes, from authentic foreign and historical outfits, to the most imaginative fantasy costumes.

I no longer make costumes to order, since that was using someone else's imagination at the cost of my own. Instead, there are costumes offered here, and sometimes on e-bay. By working just on what I feel inspired to do, the finished product is much nicer!!

Fantasy wizard costume, custom made horse and rider for Tammi Tews. Each piece is unique, but this shows what I can do. See more of my work on Tammi's web page.
Traditional Portugease bullfighting costume. This is an elaborate costume patterned on the real thing. I will not make duplicates, but I will do similar designs on this pattern in many color combinations. Order for just $100 or get the rider too at $125 for the set
This medieval lady's hawking costume is available now for $125. Doll not included (she has a broken wrist. Side saddle is blue leather. Design on the body drape is all hand needle pointed.  
This one was a custom order, medieval fantasy lady and side saddle.
Another real life piece, based on the tack used by the Andalusian Riding School in Spain.  None in stock, but you can have a set made for $75. Add the rider and the set is $100.